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"Songwriting Jumpstart: Compose Beautiful, Original Songs on just the Black Keys" Outline

Anyone can write beautiful, original music on the piano.

If you have ever wanted to sit down at a piano and write something beautiful, but you don't know anything about music, this class is for you! Alternatively, if you do have some music experience but find yourself stuck in a rut, this class is also for you!

By the end of the class, you will have written an original piece of piano music. It can be your masterpiece as it is or your springboard for something grander. 

-----Outline (condensed)------

Getting Started
(Intro self)
(Project overview)

The Bass Line and the Pedal
We'll talk about a fixed bass part to be played with your left hand. Just two notes provide the backbone for the song and are easily changed later for those who want to branch out and explore other harmonies for their melody.

The Melody
Here we will work on experimenting with melodies, with a few helpful guidelines to spark your creativity. Once you have something that you like, we will work on refining it and expounding on what about it you like the most to make it even better.

The Song Structure
Here we look at the big picture of the song. We make a new section to the song with a melodic variation or a new pattern, some dynamic changes or a different choice of octave. All of this is to create something that supports your main idea and gives the song a rise and fall; a feeling of completeness.

A smartphone voice memo will work just fine here! A good idea is a good idea no matter what the quality of recording is. What you record here you will post to the project gallery.

Intentionally an after-thought. I don't want any of the music terminology to get in the way of the creative process, but for those who are interested, it is so cool to learn about what just happened here. 


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