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Songs of Innocence & Experience

I was intrigued by William Blake's poetry of the environment of the industrial revolution. His stories were so poignant and honest, pointing out the atrocities of child labor, racism and other issues that in his time weren't questioned. I am excited to revisit that world and his perspective through this project!

Brainstorming and Sketching

I'm getting more and more excited about this as I progress on the process! 

Reasons why I love William Blake:

He was such an activist and idealist at heart! He wrote poems that dealt with tough issues such as racism and child labor laws, but he really was a head of his time in thinking that those were bad things. He writes of parents sending their children to work as chimney sweeps where they would either die of fire or exfiation and he writes of a little black boy who hopes that in Heaven the white boy will love him despite his skin color.

I'm thinking of going with a 'B' for Blake and using these two different characters for the letter. My friend suggested including an actual chimney as you can see in my later sketch. I've had some people say that there's too much going on in that sketch and I don't know...I'm thinking that I like the two boys because it brings up a little more variation but then I also like the simple repetition.

Let me know what you think! I'll get color comps up soon!

It needs some edits and I have more plans to make a final book cover, but I'm pretty happy with how this B is looking. What do you think?


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