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Somewhere in between


Step by step... 

First of all, to come up with a concept it has been extremly useful to see the way that Roman comes up with ideas for his illustrations. I've always struggled finding a way to represent a concept without being too obvious, and I feel way more confident now. 



The concept I've chosen under the topic "before & after" has been actually, the moment that happens between one and the other. (Point 2 in the image) 

- Before: the security of your parents home and studies.
- After: the idea of your own life lead by yourself.
- The between: When it hasn't been too long since you left the security that studies or family provide, life can be extremly confusing. In these moments you have to learn to make big decisions and to make a living through your work (in my case, photography). Especially self-employed life is really inestable and at the same time, it is really free and exciting. So, if possible I wanted to capture this contrast... 


I decided to go for this way of representing the idea. A character floating between two stable "places". 


This is the initial sketch in which I based my illustration. I wasn't happy with the face and I tried a few options by hand and later on the computer (like the final one). 

Before this sketch, I struggled a lot to find the right way to represent the character. I used different techniques (ink in brush / pen, pencil, etc) and there was no way to get anything right.
I am not used to do illustrations that require long time of work. I've always sketched people in the street or life drawing, but nothing too serious, so it was hard to find the style that fitted the idea and have the pacience and persistence to work for it. I've learned a lot about pacience and perseverance! 

When it wasn't flowing it helped to have a break for a couple of days and get back to it more fresh. I always find that time gives you some distance that may be needed. After a few hours or days, you can see things a bit more clearly.


I tried all sorts of techniques and ways of painting... In this photo below you can see different "instruments" I've worked with for this illustration. I hope it's of interest. it has been really fun to try all sort of things. 



I enjoyed coming up with the colours for the illustration... It's always really hard but in this case, quite straight I found four colours that worked well together. I ended up working just with three + black and grey. 

The first time I was quite happy with the illustratoin was here (image below). However, I wasn't convinced by it. Didn't feel final.
I struggled with the background. The difference between the buildings and the houses were giving the wrong idea (city-countryside) and this wasn't what I wanted to talk about. 

During the process I've learn that there is so many ways to represent the same object/idea, so it's worth to keep working and insisting. 


So I kept working and working, and this is the final Illustration: 


I have a friend that is feeling specially lost and confused in her life right now, so I sent her the illustration (in an earlier stage) and I had a great sourprise, yesterday she sent me a text she has written using this illustration as the inspiration for it. The last few days I was already picturing this illustration as an image to illustrate a text I have in mind, so I was really pleased to see it in this kind of context. Plus, I was really happy to see that it helped her write about it. 

As right now I have a lot of friends that are also in a confusing moment, I fancied designing a 'card' to send to some friends (I live abroad and most of them are back home). I did it working as well with the idea of "before & after". I hope you don't mind me sharing it. 

In this object, I really didn't want it to be cheesy and be more "supportive". I hope I managed... 

Left image: is the cover. Right image is the inside (with space between text and illustration to write by hand a personal message).


I am quite pleased with how the illustrations look. I feel like I would always keep trying new things on them but I guess there is a point you have to stop. 

I've really enjoyed the process of doing this. I've found specially shocking the amount of hours that I had to put into it. It has been really challenging and fun at the same time. 

Roman, I have enjoyed and learned a lot with your class. Thank you very much.


P.S.(1) I am not used to write in English that much (it's not my first language). I hope the explanation is clear and properly developed. If it's not, please let me know and I will try to clarify any bits if necessary. 

P.S (2) I highly recomend to watch Roman's previous class. I've really enjoyed watching both lessons! 


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