"Somewhere...anywhere" - student project

Hey, Kia! Finished up my track from this course and just posted it this evening to Youtube (linked below) and SoundCloud. Think this is the second or third lofi hip hop track I've made, so I wasn't a *total* beginner when I took this course. Rather than using your files (thank you for those!), I decided it might be more interesting for me to make a track from non-course sounds as I progressed, and I'm pretty happy with the results (at least as a progression of skills).

One of my big takeaways from your class has been using the course lessons to build a checklist of projects tasks that I can work through. The creative process obviously isn't linear all the time, but having that list helps me know what to do next (especially when my 9-5 prevents me from making music for days or weeks at a time).

Thanks for a great course!! Cheers!