"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" | Skillshare Projects

Lindsey Ayres

Illustration and Graphic Design Student



"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

This is a painting of my 3-year-old in the poppy garden, dressed like Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz."  I don't usually do a lot of landscapes in my work, so this was a experiment for me.  Believe it or not, this painting is much more loose than I am used to doing with other wet media, though I would still like to work on being more loose and fluid with my watercolor work. I usually start out with a light pencil sketch, but this time I decided to try just going for it with the paint, which was scary but also exciting.  I had to build up many layers of color to get the brightness in the flowers. I started with the girl and then worked the background around her, using bleeding and blossoming, salt and toothbrush spatters. Sometimes I had to lift out areas I wanted to keep lighter and then paint the flowers over. Many of the colors I had in my palette were semi-opaque, so it was not as fun to paint with them as it could have been. I look forward to adding more transparent colors soon and continue playing with fluidity!


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