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Sometimes Seattle

Before we go on any further, we would like to thank you. Through all of the blogs and tweets, tumbles and timelines, you found your way here, to our humble little abode in this vast virtual galaxy. As the ever-insightful Sean Carter once said, “you could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with us.” And that’s a very special thing.

Summer Line 2013

Sometimes Seattle is the result of four friends who wanted to turn their creative impulses into tangible products. Our story began three years ago, when a brave young man declared: “hey, lets make a t-shirt line.” You may smirk at the simplicity, but the weight behind such a statement, when mixed with the diligence to bring it to fruition is actually quite powerful. It transformed a couple of kids into their own CEOs, creative directors, marketing managers, and financial advisors. However big or small the scale may be, it’s a step in the right direction. We are trying our best to live the life we have. So please, join us in this meandering and awesomely disorienting journey.

Almost every decision we make when creating these clothes is catered towards you, dearest anonymous internetter. We hail from Seattle, but we like to think that we put on for the entire globe. So if you like one of our pieces as much as we do, try to grab one through our web store or one of our sale events. 

Party Mountain: An ode to the magical place that raised us. The only place that provides hipster bike polo, Russian dumplings, and salsa dance classes on the same block. Capitol Hill has given us so much, we pay our debts through the Party Mountain Tee.

Tribe: Our first hand drawn shirt ever. Paying homage to the Midnight Maruaders (shout out the the 5 foot freak).  

Ronyay: Damn near every city has a beer of choice, and Ranier is the choice of all (kids strapped for cash) Seattlites. Coming in at a few bucks cheaper for an 18 pack than Coors Light, for this, we thank you Ranier. 

Midnight Special W/ Cheese: 12 am. After a long night out, you find yourself in a car with four of your buddies. With nowhere to go but home, the only logical decision to keep your night going is a delicious midnight snack... a midnight special to be exact.

Winter 2012

Sometimes always comes through in times of crisis. Sometimes you find yourself in 20 Degree weather with your head feeling like a polar bear's toe nails. Thats where we come in. The Sometimes crew now offers you a solution to the problem. A knit beanie in a navy/white/tan colorway with snowflakes and the SMTMS name on it we assure you your head will remain safe from the cold.

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry”

-Jack Kerouac

Summer 2012

YEE tee collaboration with Brothers From Another 

Live life, do what you love, and stay wavy people.

If you don’t want to buy something, we’d love your support anyway. Follow us on Facebook and Twittercheck our site every now and then, or just hit us with an email at [email protected] Thanks for checking in.

Peace and Love, Daps and Hugs from the boys of Sometimes. 


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