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This is an original beat that I completed in maschine and mixed in Garageband. I chose the name b/c it stood out to me compared to some of the other beats I've made over the past 2 years and it remminded me of an adult telling a child "You're Something Else". I tried to make the instruments a little brighter in the mix and give them each their own little space on the track. I'm hoping that I can do a lot more with the beat (maybe get it mastered) and develop something around it in the future.

The Project starts in Maschine. I could've added effects here but I chose not to because I like garagebands mixing interface a lot more, it would be cool if Apple put a lot more money in to developing the program even though they have Logic for the pro users.

Once I'm done composing the beat in maschine I export the files as sounds instead of groups to garageband so each one has an individual track.

From here everything goes by ear. I added more reverb to my 4th Snare because I thought it sonuded a little bland. I liked the sound the default reverb combined w/ the Matrix Reverb gave me so I didn't tweak either.

Put peak limiters on my 2nd and 4th kicks 

Raised the frequency in the Hi-mid area of 4th Closed Hi Hat to make it a little crisper

Raised the treble in my 3rd Closed Hi Hat

I took some bass out of my Brass to avoid any collision w/ the other sounds and raised the frequency in the lo-mid area to make it a little brighter 

Raised the frequency in the Hi-mid area of my 2nd set of strings

Peak limiter and raised fequency in the lo-mid range to make the 1st set of strings a little brighter

Raised the frequency on the Wave in the Hi-mid to make it stand out a little more as well

I think the mix sounds pretty good right now. The most I would do at this point is go into Maschine and fix the timing on the Wave because it sounds a little off to me. NI offers a lot of plug-ins for maschine but when you're 300-500$ for a product I think they should let you mix with in the program with a legit user interface instead of having to send the files out to other programs. They offer reverb an compressors but it doesnt compare to garageband as far as ease of use goes which is pretty backwards considering GB is free lol.

Sidenote: I mixed by ear so a lot of this is just experimentation; i.e: me picking a random effect to see how it sounds, and not knowledge of how to actually mix. A lot of the time I look to see where the track is peaking on the frequencies and raise the frequency at that point to get the sound I want and its been working so I'll probably stick with that until I learn more about the frequencies. My next step is to experiment with panning and maybe compression technqiues. I'm not a big fan of compression but it can't hurt to learn something new.

Here are the links:

SomethinElse Unmixed:

SomethinElse Mixed:


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