Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator



Something old, something new

Over the years I have made quite a few pictures, but sometimes I find that the old ones, the ones that suppose to be so-so are actually quite good =D

So I decided to look at a couple of ones I took about 5 years ago and see, what makes them work, compositionally wise.


So the image on the left was taken in Canary Wharf and I know the perspective is very skewed, that is - the lines of the buildings are falling to the back. That being said, I just love the composition here - the greens make a perfect frame, the line of the stone fence softly guides the eyes to the main subject - a guy eating his lunch. Since the picture is taken from afar we can’t really see the face, but we appreciate the scale of the scene - the man is so small compared to trees and buildings. 

The second image is more of a typical street scene. It is mostly done with a rule of thirds technique, the building on the left is on the left hand side vertical line and then there is also a car, passing by and I actually see it more like a line, leading my view to the building, because the car is so blurry.


Finally this is the image from the most recent trip and I used rule of thirds guiding grid to place my horizon level - where trees meet the sky =)


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