Something in Space?


The general premise of what I was going try out was some sort of a dodge obsticles and collect game.  I have some ideas for gameplay that I want to prototype when I learn a little bit more.  For now here is my progress.

Week 1:

I just went on the Asset Store and downloaded a bunch of free materials and models to fill my scene.  Played a little bit with sky boxes and some default light.

GameView Screenshot: 

SceneView Screenshot:

Week 2:

My Tutorial Project got corrupted some how, but I happend to have a scene that I had built ealier that had all of the basic stuff from the videos set up in it.  Click on the ground to change the color of the ground plane.  Spacebar for lights.  Added some background audio and tried out 3d audio with a sound attached to the cube that rotates and translates towards the camera.  (Its a little hard to hear though).

GameView Screenshot:

Webplay Link:

Let me know if you have any trouble with the link.

Week3 - Breakout:

I didnt really have a lot of time this week to work on anything more than just following along with the tutorial and building the breakout prototype.  I tried adding something a little different by having the up/down or W/S keys moving side bumpers rather than having any walls at all. 

Ran into a little issue with which "every frame" options that I needed to have checked but with some help I was able to track down which one was causing my problems.  There are still a few bugs and not any real extra love, but here it is.


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