Something TRULY special!


Alright I have added scoring as well as a pause button. P is pause. R is restart. Arrow keys control player 1. Pressing number 1 adds player 2. A/D controlls player 2. If you want more players (up to 5) go down to crazy multiplayer mode. Hope you enjoy!

Small update.

I have touched up a lot of things on CRAZY BALLS. I think it looks a lot better and also plays much bette. There are now power ups that make you bigger/smaller. As well as some graphics and sounds and things like that.!!!%200.3/CRAZY%20BALLS!!!%200.html

BIGGEST maybe crazyest crazy jump UPDATE YET    [now 5 player multiplayer!]

YES THAT IS RIGHT!!! 5 players on one computer! MADNESS!!


I have added 4 PLAYER maddness to the maddness. In case it didnt' need any more CRAZYNESS. Which it probably didn't. But I dont care! If you are going to call your game crazy whatever you better make it crazy!! BUT if you want just one or 2 players go down to the super crazy update.

press R to restart

  • player red is arow keys left and right
  • player purple is , and .
  • player yellow is c and v
  • player blue is q and w

5 player update!

  • player grey is mouse middle button(the scroll wheel) and mouse right click                           {sorry, I didn't know how to make left click work}


I have made a crazy MULTIPLAYER Doodle Jump Phisics game. Player one is the arrow keys. Press 1 to add player 2. Player 2 uses q/w or a/d to controll. ENJOY!!!

CRAZY UPDATE!!!!!! 2 player's BALLS have been added!! GET A FRIEND and CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!%20%5B2%20player%5D.html

(player blue is WASD, player red is the arrow keys)

Uh hey guys! (and brandon)

I am sorry that I didn't do week 1 or 2's homework. I joined the class about 10 days late and by the time I was all up to speed on everything it was week 3. Anyways I figured I would try and do my homework for week 3 at least. (I seriously CANNOT get another F... or my mother will be PISSED)

Um anyways, here is CRAZY BALLS!!!!!!!!!! The goal is to bounce the balls. Getting as many bounces as you can in 30 seconds. Everytime you get a bounce you also add another ball to the game. Trust me it gets PRETTY CRAZY pretty quickly. The background music was made by me in Ableton Live. Anyways I want to add in special balls that do things like shrink/grow the paddle, speed up/down time, enlarge/unenlarge balls, and so on. I am trying to think of more interesting effects then the ones I just mentioned. Like maybe your paddle splits into two. Or turns into a paradox or something. But I dunno really. 

And also most importantly I will try and make it 2 players. Also I want to add the ability to move up and down, instead of just left and right. But these are all things for next week. I figured I would just put it up now and see if anyone checks it out. Also ANY feedback would be very welcome. INCLUDING negative feedback. 

Also one last thing I do not know how to upload my project. SO if you just finished reading all of this and you are SO EXCITED to get your CRAZY BALL on and there is actually no CRAZY BALL to get on I am really sorry. I'm kind of a screw up.

Nick "CRAZY BALLS" Mitchell

UPDATE #1 Here is the single player game for the web!!!!!.html      

PS Let me know your high scores. My highest that I can remember is 54.


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