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Something I Love

I wrote this poem a while back when I just started my creative profession and simply loved my work. Till date I enjoy every bit of it and the love is growing each day but there are despondent days. Will create a visual narrative around it to inspire myself everytime I am downhearted.

Something I Love

Something to remember, Something to cherish,

Something that remains with me embellished.

Something that’s mine, Something that’s divine,

Something that makes me feel I shine.

Something that’s pure, something that’s lore,

Something that’s part of my galore.

Something that I favor, something that I savor,

Something that remains with me forever.

Something that makes me smile, something that’s part of my style,

Something that makes me forget my worries for a while.

It’s my obsession and fascination, a part of my possession.

My work is my love, my satisfaction.

Research and references:

I flipped through a wonderfully illustrated graphic novel today "LOGICOMIX", NYT Bestseller. I thought I'll share a few pictures.







You can also visit Alecos Papadatos's website here

I was away on travel, but am back now and have restarted my project. It is really exciting and below I am sharing an image of my work in progess. I am trying various processses and experimenting with materials - simply loving it! I will keep pposting what I do :) Some shapes and letters I cut with the die cut machine others are just off old newspapers or magazines.



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