Federico F.

Game designer



Something Fishy


Just a small fish generator. It's really the first step and I would like to add more differences between the little fishes while retaining some of the elements (like the eyes and the inside of the mouth) constant. This proved to be a little bit challenging.

What I'm doing now is just to stack different HGridLayouts, and have the colours randomised only on the applicable ones. But doing this prevents me to do something like small variations in the fish dimensions, which is something that I really would like to do (if I randomise the value on the iterations of grid 1 there's no way to get the same value when I paint grid 2).

So I tried to change approach and to create my art with a HGroup instead and then adding that on a single HGrid layout. But it seems not to be working (or maybe I'm not really understanding how HGroup works): if I do like that I can only see the last added Hshape (the eyes in this case). Any advice on that?



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