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Someone Like You (Roald Dahl)

I was really drawn to the idea of doing the cover for "Someone Like You" which is a great collection of Roald Dahl's short stories written for adults.  This collection includes one of his most famous short stories "Lamb to the slaughter," (*SPOILER ALERT*) where an ordinary housewife commits a perfect crime by using frozen leg of lamb to whack her husband to death and then proceed to cook the lamb, and feed it to the hungry detectives who came to investigate her husband's death.   

Part of the reason I was drawn to doing cover for the book is because Roald Dahl's short stories always has these wonderful and surprising twists at the end, and I thought it would be interesting to come up with a cover design with a little twist, just like his stories.

In one of the class videos, Chip showed us his design of "Lolita" which at first glance has the typical theme of lolita on the cover, but then when he removes the obi jacket, there is the sleezy looking Humbert Humbert hiding under. I think that's so brilliant! I love that there's more to discover when you actually take the physical book in hand and investigate. So that's one of my initial inspiration for this project.  I'm not sure if I can come up with something clever as Chip did, but I'll just start out by brainstorming a cover and see what can bubble up from that.


Here are some past covers I've found. Some covers have theme based on stories containted in the book. There are two covers based on one of the more memorable stories, "Lamb to the slaughter":

...and two that has eyes for the cover- I'm assuming it is based on the title:

And several based on other stories in the collection:

And here are some other versions...

..and some Japanese editions' covers I found.  I really like the first one (Blue cover with wine bottle), which is based on one of the stories contained in the book, "Taste" :


If I were to base the cover design on one of the stories, my first instinct is to do "Lamb to the Slaughter," as it has left the strongest impression on me, but because it's already been done twice before, I am hesitating a bit.  

In any case, I started brainstorming with the "Lamb..." theme idea.  I don't think I'd go with either of these, but just warming up by sketching the first ideas out.


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