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"Someday is not a day in the week"

Habit personality type: 
Type 1: Upholder - 4 - Moderate tendency
Type 2: Questioner - 4 - Moderate tendency
Type 3: Rebel - 4 - Moderate tendency
Type 4: Obliger - 7 - Extremely strong tendency

Why did you sign up for this class?
I've been trying to improve my productivy for a while and couldn't really stick to any new habit or way of managing it. I'm also trying to change some habits and creating new ones in order to focus on my graduation project, which shall be done on the next two semesters. I won a Skillshare premium scholarship last year and thought this was a good class to start making use of it! Hope this class will help me to stop postponing stuff and get it done.

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?
I started taking Muay Thai classes around March of 2011. Since then I could notice great improvement in my physical conditioning, sleep and also mental wellbeing. That lead to a better routine and had some of the best consequences in my day-to-day life. Until this day I practice it at least 2 days a week and can see how I feel better when I don't skip any classes. 

Templates 1.0

Before deciding which habit I would like to start, I took a looke at some of the projects and discussions going on the gallery. Due to some of the examples I found there, and also the videos, I decided to start a habit not directly linked to my productivity or focus on task management, but on something else that would help to improve my health, make me more motivated through the small wins and then improve my mood to work. 

In order to do so, I'll start two new habits: working out early in the morning and meditating right after it. I already practice Muay Thai, as mentioned above, and thus I know that I am a better person after spending some energy. Also, since I am a very active and kinda impuslive person, I thought that being more mindfull would help me to balance this characteristics. Besides thinking that the two habits are somewhat complementary, I also made one of them a trigger to the other, this way I hope to improve the chance of sticking to both. Below are the Habit Loop templates, I'll try to upload a picture of the progress every 5 days!


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