Some work at last

Some work at last - student project

I watched this class ages ago but was so busy with my own artwork in the lead up to Christmas that I didn't have a chance to play! So I'm working through the project now.

Here's my monochrome activity. I never work with ultramarine and it separates a bit if left, so that was interesting to paint with. I'm also painting on printmaking paper and I really noticed a difference. Usually I'm painting over an inked print and it affects how the water moves!

I'd say that achieving a variation in value across my work is what I find most challenging. So this exercise is so useful. I'll try it again with another colour later. My work is often high key and I have to work consciously to get the darker tones with watercolour.

Some work at last - image 1 - student project

My pulse and precision exercise from a few months ago... seriously taken me 3 months to get back to this. Some improvements in the bottom corner by my 3 year old...

Some work at last - image 2 - student project

I smashed out some jellyfish today and this exercise gave me so many ideas. I loved working wet in wet and using water to make the tentacles bloom. Don't love the colours or composition so much, but chose these colours because they're so concentrated and would run the way I wanted. (Cadmium yellow/red & phthalo blue/cobalt blue) My brand new white ink got used for the first time and I like the splatters. Certainly adds depth.

Some work at last - image 3 - student project

Some work at last - image 4 - student project

I'd like to put some white lettering over the galaxy, but being left handed I'm so challenged when it comes to lettering. I bought some schminke paints and used some silver on this too.

Hannah Katarski
Illustrator and Painter