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Some try on hand type

As I started looking for what my font would be like, I drew some words in different types to experiment.

*C is odd and kerning between C and H is terrible, I know...

Then I choose the type on "french" word to start drawing the font. But then I realized the font I was drawing was not exactly the same I drew in the word... It had to be a little more smooth and delicated. I'll start again and post soon. But it seems to be easier for me to draw the type in the context of the words, with the relations between each letter... Let's see if I can do something nice with an alphabet.

This is what I was coming up with:

First exercise

Theese are my draws with shapes. I could make only half of them on the given time, but I thought the exercise was so nice that I went on filling all of them. I'm thinking about doing another round just with patterns and abstract drawings.


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