Deniz Cebenoyan

Marine Biologist/Importer-Exporter



Some rough ideas!

Hi there classmates! Here are a few ideas I was tossing around...

- I had once thought of doing a similar advice column, but written from the pov of my  4’10” grandmother living in a small town in Western Turkey. This could also be something like an old lady/man giving a tour to Westerners in a similar rural town. Same idea/ridiculousness - “ah yes, and don’t forget to use plenty of the SPF, for you will never marry with that swarthy Moorish body you never really grew into...

- Being so often mistaken for Jewish that I've actually become more over-the-top Jewish than any legit Jews - using Yiddish terms only Orthodox people would use/referencing holidays no one really knows about, using “oy!” when speaking Spanish in Spain (true story)... I feel like it would be good to start the story off with the scene where a beggar tried to guilt me into giving her money because (and I quote), “...I’m Jewish too.” (true story, again)

- Therapy in NYC: so much therapy such that in your regular sessions, you start going over issues that surfaced in your group therapy sessions... includes such gems as: me joking about “maybe I should smoke pot!” and my therapist nodding diplomatically, “well, I mean... maybe you should.”; the time I exasperatedly asked my therapist “but what good could come of my endless neuroses?” to which she replied “well... it’s entertaining for me.” and so on...


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