Some of my mugs :)

Hello! Сześć! Привет! My name is Anastasia and I sincerely love what Emalco do! I want to participate and to win =) in this super-contest!

A few words about myself: actually my work is to create books for kids, the most what I like in it is to make pop-up books. My favorite hobby and passion is graphic design. Also I like to paint, to make skull carving, stitch working, and of course travelling and reading books. And I’m getting inspiration from people and from many-many things in this world =)

So my favourite Emalco Mug...it’s too hard to choose just one, all of them are cool and awesome, but here are some examples:


Here are some of my sketches & ideas:


In some of my projects I used my own logo on the bottom outside, but it can be simply changed to the Emalco logo or to any else. My surname is made from the word "cow" and I love cows =), that's why my logo is looking like this (a stylized head of a cow and at the same time the first letter of my name - upside-down A).

And here are some of my projects:

The inspiration for the first mug-project was my sweet best friend Julia who is leaving far away from me now. She is wise and she really has a very kind heart, she loves sea and travelling all over the world. Kind of a citizen of the world =) In some difficult and hard moments of life she was for me a “lighthouse”. So it’s a mug for every adventurer who also has real friends or sweet love in their hearts and who loves sea and travelling =)


My second project is for those adventurers who feel themselves perky, young, full of energy and courage to explore the unknown, as I do feel myself =)


The third one is such a little a “reminder” for every of us to be yourself, to move all the time and to look for your own way and place. The inspirations for it were origami and pop-ups of the last project I had at work. Also I always liked these simple and cute paper planes and it’s a good symbol it this case.


And the fourth mug is a non-specific funny one for everybody who loves summer! It’s not a trivial one with sweet bright colors, flowers, leafs and trees, etc =) And some ppl even may say that a fly printed on a mug is disgusting, but it seems to me that it’s funny!  Summer sometimes brings to us such a hot lazy days when even flies are sleepy and lazy and don’t are afraid of anybody =)


The fifth mug-project is a good classic story about explorers and adventurers with its cool climate  =) Inspiration for this one for me was a movie “Diarios de motocicleta” (in spite of the fact that in my project You cann’t see any bikes, haha )


Bikes You can see in my next project dedicated to all explorers who love travelling by theirs two-wheel friends. My husband is one of such lovers and thanks to him I got acquainted with this culture a bit. Such trips are amazing! And when two of such travelers meet one another on a road they greet each other with raising their left arm. I like it very much! =) “Lewa w górę!” – like they say in the motherland of Emalco in Poland =)


And the next one is about FISHING — one of the favourite activities of my dad and grandpa =)


And the last three are about the best places for outdoor activities — about mountains, sea and forest, which I LOOOVE a lot!




Thank you in advance for your attention to my projects! =)


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