Some lemonade for hot days

Some lemonade for hot days - student project

Hello, Tabitha!

First of all i have to sat that i looove your classes and your teaching style! In these few minutes of your classes i learned a lot! Disclamer: I'm not a photographer, more like an amateur, but i love learning new things photography related.

The other days i felt really inspired by your product photography class and decided to spend some time with this lemonade. I'm eager to hear your opinion on these.

Some lemonade for hot days - image 1 - student project

this one i think that's too cropped on the edges... and maybe it's too much from that ice cubes form...


Some lemonade for hot days - image 2 - student project

as you can see, i'm not that good at editing. my biggest struggle is finding the right WB.

Some lemonade for hot days - image 3 - student project

this one is more of my "style". I enjoy taking and editing dark and moody photos. This gives me some bar/club vibes and probably some vodka in that glass :))))

Anyway, with first two pictures i wanted to create a scenario, the lemonade, the "ingredients"...some summer vibes from the colors, a lot of white and yellow, some green for freshness... and the third photo is more about atmosphere.

Keep up the good work! And keep inspiring us all!