Some ideas on implementation


Hello everybody,

I have found the contents of this course very helpful. I am a productivity geek on my own and have been trying to implement various techniques to improve my everyday professional and private life, one of my favorite being the Getting Things Done approach by D. Allen. The contents of this course make a great addition to the methodology and are a trigger for further experimenting. What I found really helpful in the last days is the use of the Start Screen in Windows 10. Basically, it can be used as your productivity hub, in that it can integrate various productivity media in one place. What I do is I create segments of tiles that correspond to a specific project. For now, each project consists of the following tiles:

  • Direct link to the to-do list corresponding to the project within the Todoist app
  • Direct link to the folder containing all the files within the file management system that correspond to the project
  • Link to the notebook within the Microsoft OneNote App that contains all the project-related notes
  • Further ideas: a link to the folder in the Outlook App (or any other e-mail client) also corresponding to the project. It does not seem to work with Outlook 2010, but it may have been resolved in more current versions.

This way I have access to all relevant information, e-mail correspondence, notes and the to-dos for a given project instantly. I also enabled the full-screen mode for my Start Screen so that I see everything clearly.

I hope that some of those tips will help all of you on the journey of simplifying life :).

Best regards,