Some fun body illustrations

Some fun body illustrations - student project

Some fun body illustrations - image 1 - student projectSome fun body illustrations - image 2 - student projectThis is my page of figures. I had so much fun making them fit together! This was by far my favorite to make as well as my favorite piece of the bunch. I might even want to make a pattern from it. I got much faster and confident in the end.Some fun body illustrations - image 3 - student projectIt took a few tries to come up with this idea, but I finally got there. It isn't the best, but I find it playful and it really made me realized I like to draw lanky disproportionate limbs.
Some fun body illustrations - image 4 - student projectI used a reference photo for this one but honestly I made everything about her up. Love the really bright color scheme which makes me think of the 80s. I went super crazy with the proportions. The chubby feet are something I want to experiment more with. Some fun body illustrations - image 5 - student projectI got really stuck on this challenge. I was exited at first but ideas were not flowing. I started out quite stiff but in the end I accepted my odd, disproportionate bodies. In this exercise, I found the quirky, fast sketches to be the most fun and also the most appealing. 

Lena Cappele
passionate Procreate artist