Some essay topics...

 Here are some topics I was thinking about writing. Any suggestions or comments would help! 

I want my Gyno to be my best friend. – This one time I went for a check up and met a new Gynecologist. I was in love. It wasn’t love-love where I could have easily asked the person to go out for a drink or even ask a friend to set us up. It was friend love, the kind where you just want to be around this person more often. But here I am, a patient, a grown woman, sitting across form a gay guy, about to spread my legs and all I want to say: So, do you want to grab coffee sometime and just be friends?

And that’s when I realized she was pregnant… - This is about the moments that I realized that my friends had become mothers. And I’m not talking about a positive pregnancy test or a showing stomach. More like behavioral change. Like catching the ‘when is it early enough to bounce’ watch glance, at 7pm. The thousand-mile stare going through and beyond me. Noticing she was wearing her shirt inside out. Or the time my friend described sex the first time after the baby.


Turning 30. – I’m at a weird place in my life where the question has shifted from: So, do you want a family? To So, do you not want a family? It’s just a tiny three-lettered change, but somehow it makes such a difference. This essay would be about the subtle way the world changes towards you (women specifically), as you get older. 


The secret shelf. – I have a closet of baby clothes, a bookshelf of baby books but no desire to have a baby right now. I have no real idea why this is, but it is. I’ve always been incredibly embarrassed about this secret shelf but the other day I casually mentioned it to a friend and, without a word, she just reached into her closet and pulled out a pair of baby moccasins. I felt like I had just unearthed a secret world.



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