Some applications for truchet template

Some applications for truchet template - student project

I have enjoyed this class a lot. I did not know what the type of drawing was that was called "truchet" tiles, but I had been introduced to them back when I was a 4th grader in French school. This had started a love for making geometric patterns that had developed quietly over my life way before I knew what "surface pattern design" was.

I was amazed to learn about Truchet once I knew what to look up online. I could even read his book from in the 1700's!

This class also helped me understand a way to do something I had been trying to figure out for a while. I have been working because of this class on making myself a template that will show a small section of various symmetry groups when I put in a tile as a symbol, then I can pick out layouts that look interesting to me to further develop into repeat patterns.

I am not usually very fond of the random tiling layouts so I have not done much with those. I do very much like labyrinths and mazes, so I will be trying those out soon.  Thank you Katia for a great class.

here are some more patterns I started by using my new template

Some applications for truchet template - image 1 - student projectSome applications for truchet template - image 2 - student project