Some Sort of Map

Some Sort of Map - student project

Week 1:

I'm currently tossing around a few ideas of what to base this project on.  I'm mainly deciding between two concepts: A map of my desk. This could also be shown in two ways. One as shown below, and the other shown like an island, and each item is a building/landmark/etc. 

Some Sort of Map - image 1 - student project

The second idea is to show Washington with all of it's strange attractions. We've got a Dino Town, 28 ft. Big Foot statue, and the largest frying pan. All of these I could make fun icons for. 

I love both of these ideas. I most likely will do both eventually. I just need to decide which to do for this class. Any thoughts/feedback is appreciated. 

Week 2:

Some Sort of Map - image 2 - student project

I chose to do the second excercise. My map shows is a small portion of Berlin. The heart indicates the exact location of where I fell in love with the city of Berlin. Its a block or two with run down buildings incasing art studios. I saw giant panintings - some 20 feet long, and giant welded letters spelling 'lust' and street art everywhere you look. And of course across the street is a restaurant called 'Dada Falafel,' and Dadaism is my favorite of all the isms.

This project was really interesting to work on. I never thought about city maps in a way were it looks like a mosaic, but now that is all I can see. I love the shapes each block is individually, as well as the ones they create collectively. What was also interesting is how some streets' width changes at certain points. 

For my final project I have decided to map out Washington's roadside attractions. I still want to create the map of my workspace, but when I can fully conceptualize it. 

Here is what I mapped out on the google:

Some Sort of Map - image 3 - student project

You can check out the live map here:

The southeast corner is a very sad, sad place. I keep trying to find something, but my efforts have yet to turn up anything. I may just have to draw a giant sad face on that corner. Or a Walmart littered with beer cans and drunk college students.