Some Revisions Based on Feedback

Some Revisions Based on Feedback - student project

I want to not only offer a great experience but I also want to ensure that students are getting most out of their experience while working through my classes. 

Based on some feedback I received I am working on some changes to my current class before moving on to a new class. 

The first change I've made is an updated thumbnail. The cover image you saw on this project is the new thumbnail being used in the class list. Thanks to some input from other instructors and a couple of students I think this will attract more attention and stand out a little better in the listings. What do you think?

My next challenge is to create a more enticing intro for the class. I have created a new script for the intro and will be working on recording and editing it over the next couple of days. I'll update here when that's completed and added to the class. 

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone here - get involved with your peers. Listen to their input and feedback and make those changes. What have you got to lose?

Today is September 22, 2016 - I currently have 46 enrolments in this class. I originally uploaded the class on July 17, 2016. Let's see if there are any changes to the number of enrolments over the next week. 

** Update ** Today is now October 1st. I was able to pick up 16 students in the last 8 days of September. I'm still a little bit frustrated with the numbers on this class. I see other graphic design classes that pick up thousands of students in the first few days. This makes me wonder what it is about my class that I've done wrong - so today I am going to go through each video and make a plan for change and then create some updated class videos. I still think this class has a lot to offer and can help teach some basic skills for Icon design with Adobe Illustrator. I have also changed the thumbnail once again based on feedback from some other design related instructors.

If you're interested in the class or would like to view what I currently have in place for the intro and then compare it to the changes I come up with you can find the class here:

Mike Pickett
Graphic & Web Designer with a passion for Vectors