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Some People Are So Poor

12/5 FINAL:

final inked/scanned sketch and colorized (although i haven't taken the 'finalize' course yet so that image could change once i learn other options. was just interested to see in color.) 

12/1 Update: 

did some more sketches and tweaking. i'm 99% set with the last drawing so i inked it. may tweak a little (like swirl in 's' which i accidentally started with a thicker pen, the half done design next to the M, and the mistake on the E in money) but i'm the most satisfied with this sketch so far.


updatelydoo 11/27:

so, first off, you all are pretty awesome and ease my anxieties on showing progress and for that I thank you. second, i am running into another ‘here’s my progress but now i must disappear for a few days’ (because i have tiramisu and casseroles to prep) moment.

i am pretty happy with the ‘some people’ and ‘money’ now (although i need to decide on how i am going to illustrate the dollar sign). it’s the middle i am struggling with now so here’s one option; which i am kinda liking although: 

a) unsure if the ‘subliminal zeroes’ in the o’s of poor are working for me so I may 86 them

b) i may be more 100% if i do a little more design with ‘poor’ (drop shadow or other accoutrement). also thinking it may pop more once color is involved.

i’ll try and play with more middle options later. thanks all for your help!



i'm going away for the weekend but couldn't wait until next week to at least post progress. i may have bit off more than i can chew with my final *sketch* choice *of the day* but....

the phrase i chose was a quote by patrick meagher (?) and it reads...

"some people are so poor, all they have is money"

i found it quite profound as it is a play on 'money doesn't buy happiness' although i disagree with that sentiment. money would most definitely increase my happiness. but if all i have is money and nothing else, no close relationships or passions or dreams, then i am, in fact, poor. so, i dig this quote. 

this is my first legit attempt at an illustration this detailed. i can be a little impatient and even before mary kate mentioned the thumbnail concept i doodled a thumbnail. and almost went with that one until i came to the thumbnail lesson and forced myself to follow this instruction. if i'm going to take a course i will do it right, dang gone it!

so, here was my process. my tiny, sad process. 

1) phrase and keywords (and my jump-the-gun thumbnail). although the phrase was clear i had trouble with the keywords. i'm hoping it's because my phrase didn't contain an obvious theme and not that i'm just that terrible at thinking of descriptive words. although that may be the case. i'll have to try this again sometime.

2) inspiration/moodboard  it was pretty simple to find inspiration considering i knew i was going to incorporate some type of money elements and vintage style type. the whole time however i was sweating at the thought of my interpretation. in my mind i want it to be all martin schmetzer but on paper i know it will be more like martin schmetzer's left hand. or right hand if he's left-handed. you get it.  

3) thumbnails printing myself a sweet template but could only generate 6 sketches before i s̶e̶t̶t̶l̶e̶d̶  was satisfied. i really should have taken more time deciding on style of lettering but i can always try more and adjust i guess.

4) penciled sketch....which could totally be cleaner but my hand began to hurt and my kid was getting squirrely so...this. as you can see i couldn't even draw another money symbol. detail could also go into the border i guess but i'll tackle that later. or just texture it up in photoshop later. 

so that's all she wrote! literally. but i must work on my continuity with my lettering. 'money' is clearly not even. this gets easier, right? i hope. 

FYI that is not illuminati (whatever the heck that is) but the Eye of Providence. I like the fact that image is so synonymous with money yet the meaning is so thought provoking. "..the eye of God watching over humankind."  

i must go repent now.


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