Some Nights

Some Nights - student project


I had tough time trying to find a two word phrase that I wanted to do. It came down to Some Nights, and Stay True. I choose Some Nights. What it means to me is that some nights flow together and some nights stand out. Going off of that concept I created a few thumbnails and ended up with what you see below. It's flowing yet some of the letters are separate from the rest but are still flow with the general lines. It's kind of like life is the whole word and you have your separation between those nights and the other nights, if that makes sense.

Some Nights - image 1 - student project


I did some quick vectorizing today because I work best with the computer. I am trying to work out some bugs before I get this phase complete. After some ugly stages I got it look much better. I think that I need to smooth out the 'S' some more, and fix the 'E'. 

I also took some advice about droping some of the swirl off of the 'N' and giving the 'i' it's own dot. I also love feedback, and improving my work at any chance I get. 

Before the Changes

Some Nights - image 2 - student project

After The Changes

Some Nights - image 3 - student project


I ended up in photoshop today. I decided to use halftones for texture and add some stars.

Some Nights - image 4 - student project