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Some Kind of Madness Blog

Some Kind of Madness Brand Statement



Personal Goals for My Blog:

  • Express my ideas and opinions
  • Document my travels and experiences
  • Tell narratives/become a storyteller
  • Develop a creative outlet
  • Pursue writing/ hone my voice/ find my style of humor
  • Become a stronger writer and photographer 

Business Goals for My Blog:

  • Develop content for use in future projects
  • Gain business contacts/develop a creative network
  • Have a repository of clips/use my blog as a portfolio




  • Mostly female audience, but some male
  • 18-35 years old
  • Income of $25-80k
  • Entry to mid-level jobs in fields such as finance, sales, management, service, publishing, media and communications, non-profit
  • Single or married



  • Put an emphasis on humor and fun
  • Have or want strong familial relationships
  • Largely college-educated
  • Professional
  • Is relatively comfortable with their work/life balance
  • Somewhat of a dilettante—has a casual interest in many different topics


Emma is a 27-year-old woman. She lives in a mid-sized city close to her hometown. She works as a guidance counselor in a private school.  Emma is engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years, whom she met in college. She has a small circle of close friends, but enjoys socializing, networking and meeting new people. She likes spending time with her family, who still live nearby in the town where she grew up. Emma has a wide range of interests, from sports and photography to crafts and cooking.



Witty – Biting = Clever

Playful – Frivolous = Fun

Educational – Dull = Informative

Positive – Naïve = Upbeat

Sophisticated – Stuffy = Intelligent

Broad – Unfocused = Varied

Irreverent – Disrespectful = Facetious



  • Gain 50 subscribers in one year
  • Submit a guest post bid to at least one blog this year
  • Receive 2 link backs in one year
  • Use my blog as a portfolio for one editorial gig this year
  • Elicit 5 comments in six months
  • Post once per week for the first 3 months and twice per week for the next six months


Some Kind of Madness is a clever, facetious, varied personal blog focused on providing content about travel, entertainment, and real-life humor to twenty-something dilettantes, fellow writers, and editorial clients.


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