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Some Kind of Aqua Doll

So I pulled down tons of pics from my Pinterest and WeHeartIt walls and for some reason glommed on to these 3 in particular. I just liked the colors and fun-ness of all 3. I did suddenly realize a thematic semblance to a certain coffee company, but figured I'd steer clear of it haha.

I enjoyed the octopus-pirate and then seeming snail-pirate coming out of a cup that first seemed to materialize...

And then I was allowing my mind to do whatever and there came all these different coffee-mermaids-- it's true that the last couple on this page are starting to go in the direction of spoof of a-certain-coffee-company (that's a business man with briefcase on the prow of that ship in the last one... and that's probably an exec throwing briefcases into the air in the next-to-last tho that one might be *too* similar to the original)

I really like the staff-one with the cup full of creatures for a head... the last one chillin in the coffee cup-sauna is my 2nd fave :)

Now, thinking ahead to materials, initially I was really excited to do something that could be plush, and I kinda feel either of these would be a challenge in that regard... Though maybe the last one here might be easier to do in plush. Though maybe the staff-one could be plush if it was Ugly-dolls style, like kinda 2-d... But really I feel like I'm open to whatever material/s could best hack it...


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