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Solving industry problems - with online information, publishing and events

Industries have many problems they struggle to solve - particularly ones which involve people in different organisations and different places. These are problems which can't be solved with raw brain power or university research. But there are solutions to them.

For example - the problem of inattentive driving. There is no one solution - yet many solutions have been experimented with - such as road signs written by children, speed bumps, more police, technology in the car, training. There is a body of knowledge about how to make drivers more attentive, built up from this experimenting.

Our business will pick difficult industry problems and try to gather together people's experiences on how they have helped solve them - mainly in the sectors we are already present in - which is the oil and gas industry, carbon capture and storage, deep sea tanker operations, and low carbon. 

The core end product will be a website with carefully indexed information, articles and videos, giving advice about how the problem can be solved. We will organise conferences and write magazine articles to generate this content. People will have to provide their contact details after a certain number of page views, and pay a subscription after a certain number of page views like on the Financial Times. We will also earn revenue by delivering interested buyers to our advertisers and selling delegate tickets and sponsorship at our conferences.

What is unique about this business model is that the industry problem comes first. The world is full of conference organisers and publishers (and we are one of those). But our business will be structured so our conferences and publishing are designed to generate information which will be carefully indexed to help users solve a specific problem - ie the solving the problem comes first, not the conference or publishing model.

The "project cover photo" was taken at one of our conferences on Jan 14 in Athens, on the subject of the Greek oil and gas industry, which was trying to solve the problem that very few people in Greece have an understanding of where the Greek oil and gas industry is and what is holding it back (despite the enormous public interest - and potential of Greek oil and gas industry to generate enormous taxes for Greek government and help take many people out of poverty - and help the economy altogether an enormous amount).


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