Solve 4x4 Speed Cube

Solve 4x4 Speed Cube - student project

I want to solve the 4x4 speed cube in under 10 minutes.

I'd made progress on speed cubing last year but bogged on a problem unique to some larger cubes (like the 4x4). I want to use this course to practice more efficiently and get through that dip.


2021, May 8

**** Solve 4x4 speed cube Project Outline ****

1) Learn to solve centers in correct positions (done)

2) Learn to solve most sides [Edit: Done]

3) Learn to solve the last two sides [Edit: Done]

4) Solve as a 3x3 (already known)

5) Learn parity (number of moves being even or odd, sometimes causing unusual problems on the 4x4 and larger puzzles) and take a solved cube in and out of parity until I get it [Edit: Done]

6) Memorize all steps and bring time to solve under 10 minutes at least twice (including at least one with parity)

7) sum up and wrap up

** Additional notes: 

-- Work on steps separately and string sequences together after

-- Work on both understanding and memorizing the steps needed to solve

-- Use pomodoro or other helpful techniques to practice in a focused and more efficient manner.