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Solo Storage Cube - The magic personal boutique


Product Name:

Solo Storage Cube


The Solo storage cube is basically an oversized Rubik's cube with storage functionality, which makes it a fun and interactive storage box. The drawers are strategically placed on all 4 sides to maximize storage. Inspired by architecture, typography and magic, the design has even spawned its own eponymous font. It’s bold but still tasteful and simple. It looks like something the Riddler would have in his lair. A brain teaser just to find your precious small objects.

Target Retail Price: £200

Main Selling Points:

The Solo Cube is unique in its genre. It brings delight, wonder and enchantement to what is otherwise a mundane activity. It makes storage intimately interesting and fun.

Not only can the drawers occupy the same space, they can also vary in lengths, so you can store various types of small objects. You can Have one in literraly every room in your home.

It is flexible and scalabe and will come in 3 sizes.

In short: 



Target Customers: 

Early adopters of novelty design

Young middle class individuals with disposable income

People who like to buy statement designs to embelish their homes

People who look for more than pure functionality

Guift buyers

Young children and adolescents


Resale Outlets: 

Indepandent design stores

Independent furniture stores

Gallery shops that sell gifts

Retail and online stores like


See below:

Why my product stands out from the competition: 

let's face it. If you're looking for a fully functional storage unit  (big or small) because you lack space and you need extra, you're story is primarily one of immidiate need for storage. There are plenty of cheap and available solutions out there for your need.Thus, this product is NOT for you.

On The other hand, if you're after something super high-end that is made only for you, using south Africa's finest ivory and Swarovski's crystals, and only you can afford it because you can, then your story is one of exclusivity and need for attention. Thus, this product is NOT for you.

However if you're looking for something elegant and sleek, something fun and delightful, challenging, intelligently designed, economical, a pleasure to use, served differently, relatively small, potentially useful and that won't get old, then your story is not just about wanting something function , it's also about having soething to talk about, to delight your friends, to surprise your relatives.

Thus in this case, a Solo storage cube is an option for you (or someone you know).

Colour Suggestions:




A) Design 

Is there an aspect of your design that needs troubleshooting? If so, describe the problem and how you can potentially solve it. 

I will have to be careful with tolerances attached to the materials used as they change from one material to another, and since it is a small scale product, the details will have to be carefully examined. 

Action Steps:

What are the next 3 action steps you need to take to formalize your product design?

1. Draw every part of the product acurately and test them. (Efficiency)

2. Design a system that works for manufacturing and assembly (Effectiveness)

3. limit the amout of variety in coulours etc... (Control)


B) Sourcing

What are the most important 3 qualities you are looking for in a Supplier? 

The supplier will need to be able to source the materials specified, be eqquipped with the ideal production machines and be able to manufacture and assemble based on various level of orders. 

Action Steps:

What are the next 3 action steps you need to take to find Supplier(s) for your product(s)? 

1. Find a supplier who is used to dealing with similar design requests

2. Understand how they operate and where they source the materials from.

3. Make sure they can provide their services under a made to order production scheme.


C) Manufacturing

WHERE do you want to produce your product? 

I would like to produce the product locally in the UK

Action Steps:

What are the next 3 action steps you'd need to take to get your product ready for production?

1. Have all the costs finalised 

2. Make a prototype

3. Generate enough interest from costumers


D) Quality Control

What worries you the most about quality control for your product? Is there anything you can do now in terms of your design or sourcing efforts that would help to prevent this problem?

My worries are stability, mechanism and durability.

Action Steps:

What are the next 3 action steps you'd need to take to get your product ready for production?

1. Make a basic prototype and test it myself 

2. Get in-depth information on the materials I want to used

3. Get advice from manufacturer


E) Logistics 

How will you ship your products?

Orders will mainly be from the online website. Therefore I will have to find a company that specialises in shipment and order fulfillment. Shipwire seems to be a good option so far.

Action Steps:

What are the next 3 action steps you need to take to organize your logistics?

1. Decide which rote to take: manual or extarnal company?

2. Decide on destinations. Local (UK) or global?

3. Make sure the packaging is safe enough.


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