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Solo Storage Cube - The hub for little stories


The Solo storage cube is basically an oversized Rubik's cube with storage functionality, which makes it a fun and interactive storage box.

Designed for collectors of meaningful, closely guarded and under-exposed objects, the Solo Storage Box is based around the idea of transforming an otherwise mundane activity into an enjoyable, evocative and engaging experience. A personal novelty rather than a purely functional storage hardware. 

Inspired by architecture, typography and magic,It’s bold but still tasteful and simple. It looks like something the Riddler would have in his lair. A brain teaser just to find your precious small objects.


The entry range offers a combination of material choices. Either High impact polystyrene or birch plywood, allowing choice between a modern sleek design and a more natural, warmer look.

Two main features were incorporated in order to deliver flexibility and an enjoyable user experience. Firstly, the ability to access the unit from multiple sides, which makes for an ejoyable user experience. Secondly, the ability to personalise its colours, with all units made to order, tailoring it to one’s own taste. 



The SoloCube is the perfect gift for quirky design lovers, children, or collectors of small meaningful items.

The parts are laser cut and carefully assembled together. Both trays are faced with white styrene HIPS.

It could be placed anywhere in a home or office as a feature piece that will adds interest and curiosity to its environment.

The Colour Range



The colour range focusses mainly on height bold colours including black and white.

See the full range of colours here


With playful collectors in mind, the choice of  vibrant colours add presence, personality and warmth to the product.

The Special Range

Periodically developed, the special range envelop the project with interesting and inspiring themes, adding a dose of emotional value to the product.

This range was primarily developed with events in mind. (ie gallery events, museum shops etc...)

Each theme is carefully researched and placed around the product in order to deliver and exciting and fun user experiance.





The Bespoke range

The bespoke range lets you customize your Solo Storage Cube from the colour to the very last detail.

This range is for those would like things tailor made  and is also ideal for personalised gifts.


How it all works

The colour and special range can be purchased online. However the bespoke range uses a more tailor made process.

Pinterest is used as a primary visual communication tool when customizing your cube.

A private visual board is created and all inspirational images as well as commens are shared on the pinterest board. A private ‘atelier’ area on the Solo Storage Cube website allows you to see the various design iterations as your cube is  being developed (Sketches, materials, colour etc...).

When happy, the final design is then specified for production and you are notified of the cost for producing your final design.


The Cube is for those who own or collect items with high emotional intensity and with strong connection to their daily life. Objects that they cherish and want to keep in a special place, adding a touch of enchantment to the mix.  





I am marketing for people who want to buy into simple innovation, creativity and surprise.

I can touch everything from the way I tell the story to the way the product is made.

I will measure the type of costumer who buys the product and the number of people who repeatedly buy the product for people they know.

I can change the way people experience design on a small scale. I can make the case that design isn't just the way the product looks. It is also how it works, how simple it is and how it affects people in a visceral way (or counter-visceral way in this case). I can take an activity that most people take for granted (storage) and turn it on it's head, making interesting, fun and satisfying.

The promise is to keep Solo simple, functional and flexible. A product that delivers it's magical and surprising effect everytime.

To my customers, I promise a remarkable, intelligently designed product that will put a smile on their faces.

The hard part lies in the positioning of the product and it's placing in order for it to appeal to the right costumer. This product is NOT for everyone, therefore placing it correctly is a challenge.

I will be following the trend of making innovative designs but hopefully making the trend of redifining it. 

one if the risks is getting too carried away and making too many varieties of the product based on customers wishes. I believe I can maintain the purity and simplicity of the product because I am in charge.

If successful the money will be spent on  spreading supporting more ideas like Solo and finding new ways to extend products offering and interactivity.

For the time being my time will be spent on finding the right environment for the product to be placed in. And finding interesting ways to spread the idea.



The Solo storage cube brings delight, wonder and enchantement to what is otherwise a mundane activity. It makes storage intimately interesting.


Basically, If the Solo Cube was an automobile it would be a blend between the fun and delightful experience of a Mini Cooper and the special, bespoke and personalised qualities of a Rolls Royce.

Let's face it. If you're looking for a fully functional storage unit  (big or small) because you lack space and you need extra, you're story is primarily one of immidiate need for storage. There are plenty of cheap and available solutions out there for your need.Thus, this product is NOT for you.

On The other hand, if you're after something super high-end that is made only for you, using south Africa's finest ivory and Swarovski's crystals, and only you can afford it because you can, then your story is one of exclusivity and need for attention. Thus, this product is NOT for you.

However if you're looking for something elegant and sleek, something fun and delightful, different, intelligently designed, economical, a pleasure to use, served differently, relatively small, potentially useful and that won't get old, then your story is not just about wanting something function , it's also about having something to talk about, to delight your friends, to surprise your relatives.

In this case, a Solo storage cube could be for you (or someone you know).


Solo is distributed via the website and other online shops for the colour editions, via shops and online for special editions, and via other designers and volunteers for custom editions (soloists). Solo'website is also used as a 'place' tool as it helps not only to promote, but to create an environment to surround a potential customer.


A promotional mix includes social advertising, personal selling and publicity.


A trail of icons...

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