Solidad Raines

5cb65cb7Comprehensive Character Attribute Form

Type of character (protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, etc.): Protagonist
Character’s name: Solidad Raines
Goal: Track down and capture Harland Mooney, while investigating what happened to her fellow paladins.
Flaw: Inferiority complex and Prideful
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 152 lbs
Race: Bohan
Hair color: Purple
Eyes: Purple
Grooming: Clean, shaved half of head.
Clothing: White, stylized Paladin garb.
Health issues: None
Physical abilities: Superior dexterity and speed, above average strength.
Speech (accent): American
Parents: Orphaned
Siblings: Alyson Raines
Friends: Meron Hart
Best friend (or person closest to): Alyson Raines
Least favorite people: Alyson Raines, Harland Mooney and later Navarre Richards
Enemies: Harland Mooney, Navarre Richards and the Ritualists.
Familiar: Oun (small scouting fey)
Residence: A house outside of the Cathedral of Bohanna (hidden)

Neighborhood: Kingdom of Bohanna
Cultural background:
Religion (and attitudes about religion): Atheistic has many problems with her employ, but still seeks to follow order for the greater good.
Memberships: Shadowbreaker
Schooling: Knights of Bohanna, Shadowbreaker Rites (Black ops for paladins. Only the elite are approached)
Attitude toward school: Too easy
Popularity: Well known
Mentors: Henkel Ford, Alyson Raines
Heroes: Henkel Ford
Favorite sports: N/A
Work experience: Infiltration, Spy, Scouting, Kingsguard
Likes and dislikes (music, movies, TV, books, etc.):
Fears: Death, Failure, the unknown
Dreams: Surpassing her sister, being recognized by her sister
Life goals (in 5, 10, 30 years):
Nervous habits: None
Foibles: Rather frail defensively
Reasoning style: Rash, but is still an effective detective
How would your character’s friends describe her or him? Skilled and upbeat
Is your character shy or bold? Bold
Is your character talkative or taciturn? Talkative
What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character? Arrogance
How would your character complete the sentence “My life is _______?” Other things I thought of while filling out this: Full of change and adaptability. 

Summary of Character:

Solidad and her older sister, Alyson Raines were orphaned at a young age. Their mother came from a strange foreign land and had died upon arrival to the Kingdom of Bohanna due to an unknown and mysterious affliction that branded her whole body. The sisters were taken in by the Paladin Captain, Henkel Ford and were taught swordplay and white magic, and quickly rose high in the ranks of The Knights of Bohanna. Throughout her years as members of the Kingsguard, Solidad was always outdone by her sister in skill and ability. Alyson was eventually promoted to the position of Captain in Henkel’s retirement. This caused great strain and doubt of ability in Solidad, and fostered a roaring sibling rivalry between the two. Later Alyson goes on a dangerous mission with a squad of Paladins to apprehend the dangerous ritualist Harland Mooney, but her and her team are not heard from in over two years. Solidad is then given the rank of Shadowbreaker, a special ops unit of the Knights of Bohanna to complete her sister’s mission and recovering the missing paladin squad.



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