"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms." (-Emerson?)

Here are some early sketches. I loved how the class opened my eyes to learning shapes through sketching in order to sketch with the paintbrush. This was the first time I had really worked with that style. I love learning to paint more loosely and enjoy more white spaces in my work! :)


My roommate is an incredible leather crafter, and (despite my vegetarian cringe) she has decorated with cow and deer skulls hanging all over the house and in our garden. I have wanted to paint a garden-inspired skull for her for a while, this floral class was the perfect chance. I traced the basic outline for the skull using a photo I found online. 


Here's a photo of one of her favorite skulls, hanging in her workshop. 


My inspiration, the exploding peonies at our house this week! <3


Original outcome... taking pictures of my work always helps me see them from a step back, I decided the horns seemed way to high, so I decided to add some more details.  There were also a bunch of little splashes on the page that I had not addressed, but I watched the oops class today so I went over the whole page with a glow-y yellow wash, which you will see in the last picture. I added details with gold india Ink, which really pulled it together for me, it's a lot shinier than it appears in the photos. 


Final product, adding some little hanging vines, and changing some details with the india ink helped me increase my symmetry and spacing, I outlined more features on the horns and skull as well, which made it feel more complete to me. The yellow background took me from liking-to-loving the final product. I can't wait to give it to her. 


After all that detail work I decided to mellow out with some fun patterns as a gift for my roommate's 9 year old daughter, Soleil. :)



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