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Soled Out NYC

Where to start... Hmmm...

Web-Based Consignment Boutique and Soon-to-be Retail Consignment Shoppe

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Rather than talking about the brand, how about a story instead?  ...

I'll be honest and forth coming.  Soled Out NYC is Tony Chen's idea.  Created by him.  From the early morning to the late hours he runs it, molds it, hustles it, curates it, takes fine care of it and its customers.  I'm just lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of it.  Lucky enough to help it shine a bit brighter.

Tony just wanted a simple logo for his online consignment boutique.  The online boutique mainly focused on reselling uncommon to rare items to sneaker collectors.  He would carry brands like Nike, Jordans, to Asics to LV and more.  He had a name in mind for his online store, he also applied for an LLC.  He did his homework and made sure that Soled Out NYC was all his. Tony just needed a nice logo that would catch his clientele's attention.

This is where I come in.  Just one friend asking another friend for a favor, I didn't expect anything in return. He knew I worked in graphic design and marketing, and asked me to "make" something for him.  I gladly obliged and started to work on a few comps.  A few caught his eye, but nothing really resonated that was worth exploring.  Not until we sat down late one night in late January 2013 at a diner on RT. 22 in Jersey to discuss other options.

We both started to play with the idea of simplicity with personality and emotion.  With every curve and line, a person's handwriting is filled with countless emotions.  The idea of using a signature would be the beginning, but would seem too complicated to read.  Soled Out NYC would be too complicated written out as a whole signature but a simple SONYC would not.

Simple yet distinguishable.  We were set.  He had a logo for his online store.

I can only speak for myself when I say this, but there was something extraordinary about what happened that night.  I had a feeling that what we had just created was more than just a logo.  It had the potential to be more than just a graphic that resided at the top left of an online store.  What we had created was a brand worth exploring, worth seeing through.  A brand that had potential to be on shirts, or phone cases, or stickers plastered on street signs and walls.  Possibly a brand that's worth recognizing.  

The next day, I connected with Tony and immediately told him that we made the night before can be turned into something more than just a logo.  He seemed to have the same feelings too because he was right on board.  A slogan needed to be made, right there, Tony shoots back with, "It has to be inspiring, something worth remembering."

We begin firing ideas back and forth until we both agree that perhaps we should use the initials somehow...

"SOmething Inspiring"  No call to action.

"SO Unique." No call to action

"SO Many Possibilities" Close.

We needed to give people a reason to give the brand a chance. A reason to believe the brand was worth it.

"Made For A Reason."

Anyone who bought from or wore Soled Out NYC is Made For A Reason.  That was the call to action. Unfortunately, the brand had no products with it's own brand to sell aside from itself.  Which was good enough.  At this point Soled Out NYC had about 1,000 followers, which meant exposure was limited which meant we needed to generate content to create buzz around the brand.

First we started an online social media campaign dedicated to Black History Month. Daily photos showcased a prominent black figure that help change the landscape of the world for the better.  Each person was Made For A Reason.

Soon after, a limited run of shirts and translucent business cards (Thanks to TINbox Solutions for printing them) were made to invite customers to be their own reason.  The shirts and card were designed to engage the participant to take photos of their own experiences, and what they see in the world so they know that they are also Made For A Reason.

The campaign is still going strong.  More pictures are still being added.  With more exposure growing each day with every new follower.  The following on instagram has ballooned to 14k currently while at the same time Tony is tirelessly working to make sure that Soled Out NYC remains true to itself.  Customer service is top-notch and his clients are always satisfied, something that Soled Out NYC prides itself on.

The next logical step was to open up a retail space which is currently in the works and slated to be open later this summer/fall.

More ideas are still being worked on and hopefully more will be in distribution with more products available for sale at the online and retail store.

The following are design comps and mock ups.  We just wanted to share the some ideas and show some progression of what Soled Out NYC can do as just a lifestyle brand.

This first design was intended to be the third shirt in the Made For A Reason Campaign.  The thought behind the design was to incorporate an inspirational Latin phrase on the front of the shirt using the same font as MFAR and the wordmark. Then translate and finally mirror reflect the english version on the back.  The intention of the vibrant colors was to catch the eye of any onlookers and draw their attention to the Latin phrase.  As the wearer would walk past, we hoped that the onlooker would turn around and see the english translation of the latin phrase, but backwards almost as if the wearer wasn't there and the words were on its own.

The gold crown would have been treated differently from the rest of the graphic by using a faux gold foil material overlay.

The next design was loosely inspired by a line in Jay Z's song Tom Ford.  Designed to be very simple yet aggressive as the store's "work" shirt/uniform, it would only be produced in very limited quantities and only to be worn by a select few.  Using water based ink and red foil we wanted Soled Out NYC to stand out from the rest of the design.

As Tony focuses on ensuring that Soled Out NYC the store and business is running smoothly. I want to find every opportunity to inspire, grow, and show others that Soled Out NYC is more than just a business. It's more than just a product line or clothes.  It's a brand that has the potential to be more than any of that.  At the surface, It is just a brand, plain and simple, but at its heart it's a brand that can be trusted for its hardworking roots and entrepreneurial spirit.  Just like everyone else who signed up here, we're a brand that thrives on knowledge and opportunities that classes like this one provides. We are forever grateful and we want to pay it forward. 

We are striving to be a brand that provides an opportunity to showcase you, your brand, and your story. Our store can be used as an outlet for that purpose. We can be that venue that's willing to give your brand a chance the same way you're willing to give us a chance with your brand.  If you feel confident enough that your brand will be successful, give yourself a fighting chance. We have the retail space to show it off and over 14k and growing sets of eyes on social media that can and will see it. We all have to start somewhere, each of us is Made For A Reason.

Creative Director, Soled Out NYC


We're offering a potential branding opportunity anyone who is interested.

Eyes On Your Brand

How would you like to expose your brand to over 17k set of eyes (and growing) on IG?  We can make that happen.  We have the following the only missing piece we need is your brand. 

If you feel that your brand is ready to be displayed then we have an outlet to offer.

Send 1 item to Soled Out NYC from your brand that you feel best exemplifies it. We're willing to sell it in our store both online and retail level (once we open).  We'll also post it to our IG account and @tag you, and let our following do what it does best.

YOU SET THE PRICE for your item. We can't guarantee that the item will sell, however the moment that your item does sell, we will notify you and send you 70% of the purchased price. We kindly ask 30% for ourselves to cover credit card fees and the effort we put forth. We won't adjust the price unless you direct us to.

We want our brand to grow as much as you want your brand to grow.  We feel that this opportunity helps both parties grow their brand.  We build our rep and our brand by helping up and coming entrepreneurs like you. What you gain is brand recognition and the exposure it deserves one piece at a time.  We want to be a part of your history. So get noticed and who knows, maybe one of our followers might be inspired by your design.

Let us know what you think of this proposal or if you have any suggestions please leave feedback on our project page.  If you're interested in participating please E-mail us: [email protected]


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