Sole Imperial

Sole Imperial - student project

Sole Imperial is a website that highlights interesting points of do-it-yourself cultures of art, surfing, graffiti, and indepentent music and clothing. The label tht I'm looking to design is one that will be featured as a label/hang tag for the company's clothing line that accompanys the site. The main imagery of the tag will also be used for the current rebranding of Sole Imperial.

Given the DIY aesthetic of the website, the influences for the label come from the hand lettering styles of folk art, graffiti, sign painting, printmaking, and hobo train monikers. I've featured art from Margaret Killgallen, Steve, Powers, ATAK, Agua, and Barry McGee.

The bottom row of labels comes from what I see as competition of Sole Imperial. These are companies that exist in the art, surf, and music worlds, such as Korduroy, Ego Trip, and Thalia Surf.

I'm hoping that my label becomes the concrete design for Sole Imperial.

Sole Imperial - image 1 - student project

Pat Quinn

Graphic Designer