Solacebay - student project

I love old chemist bottle logos & illustrations which is what style i want to incorparate in this project. I recently did a project with uni where i designed a coffee shop based on a 1920's chemist. Our selling point was clear coffee. Some images of the work for the 'The Chemsit' are below. and you can check out the whole project here at 'THE CHEMIST'

Solacebay - image 1 - student project

Solacebay - image 2 - student projectSolacebay - image 3 - student project

Solacebay - image 4 - student projectSo SolaceBay was a project I started in Collage 4 years ago. I used to do surfing and had a love for pencil hand drawn text back then. But then I started uni and i droped the project and i thought this opportunity with skillshare could be great to bring it back to life after 3 years. 

The idea of Solacebay was to be surfing brand. 

Solacebay - image 5 - student projectSolacebay - image 6 - student projectSolacebay - image 7 - student projectSolacebay - image 8 - student projectSolacebay - image 9 - student project

Rick Jones

Rick Jones Illustration.