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SolJah Apparel

SolJah Apparel >>>

A clothing brand based out of Orange County, Ca established in 2005.

My name is Ed I own and operate SolJah Apparel. Here's a quick back ground on myself. I started off at a young age in the late 80's buying shoes and became a big sneaker head along with picking up a skate board. Around 1992 I got introduced to Hip Hop and found the art of djing. In 1993 I saved and saved my money to buy my first dj setup and bought a ton of records from Hip Hop to Jungle. I picked up the dj name dj Satin. In 1998 I started producing my own sounds and started my own independent record label HumDruma Recordingz. 2001 was the first release and showed a very promising record label coming out of the Los Angeles area. In 2002 I picked up design and continued to go to school to sharpen up my skills. 2005 was the begining of SolJah Apparel where I combined all of my influences together. Three years later I printed the first SolJah Apparel catalog and I haven't looked back. The idea behind SolJah Apparel is that any person can be a SolJah, no matter if your on a team or your out as one man army...push forward and do you. Every Day SolJah.

Mission >>>

Our goal is to insure that any person can connect to this diverse brand no matter who or where your at. SolJah Apparel shows our influences and how others wear SolJah Apparel with the same passion we have within our camp. SolJah Apparel connects with like minded SolJah's. Every Day SolJah, No SolJah Left Behind.

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MSRP $24

Available in Safari, Charcoal & Black

Available in Carolina Blue, Ash & Black

Available in Cardinal, Black & Gold

Available in Military Green, White & Black

Available in Cardinal, White & Black

Available in City Camo, Desert Camo, Woodland Camo & Urban Camo

Available in Silver & White

Available in Powder Blue, White & Silver

Available in PRed, Navy, White & Black

Available in Black, White, Red & Navy

Ragalan >>>

MSRP $30

Tank Tops >>>

MSRP $23

Long Sleeve Mock >>>

MSRP $30

Jacket Mock >>>

MSRP $50

Hat Mock >>>

MSRP $25

Beanie Mock >>>

MSRP $20

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[email protected]


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