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Phillip Wiltzius

Health Educator, Beginning Illustrator



Sol Proxy/Sci Fi

I have been drawing since I was in grade school. I do a lot of sketches, but have never really challenged myself to create something like a comic page. I'd like to do comic pages on a regular basis, so this is a good way to kick myself in the butt. 

My project is Sci Fi themed with a focus on frontier/wild west justice. The story? Well, there was a recent boom in the ease of use and availability of space travel throughout the solar system. This created a new 'Wild West' in the solar system as millions of people started exploring and settling just about everything. The planetary government can't control everyone in every corner of space. So they contracted out with 3rd parties to maintain justice in shadier areas of the solar system they can't reach effectively. My main characters? Well, they just so happen to be a part of that.

Current Progress: I haven't had too much time to focus on this project because of my schedule, but I was able to nail down my supporting character over the weekend. I did some various drawings and narrowed down some ideas.

Main Character: Currently un-named- Leader in the group of people contracted to do frontier justice with the government. Experience negotiating, mediating conflicts. Served in the military for a decade before starting his own agency.

Supporting Character: Raine-Second in command, she's got a penchant for big hand blasters and knowing her way around some of the shadier parts of the solar system. 

Antagonist: I'm currently throwing around the idea of a sentient alien or a human scientist, depending on where I think the story should go.

Raine, my supporting character: 

Update 7/31/2013

I was able to make some quick sketches today for my Antagonist character, I decided to go with an alien I made up looking at a bunch of different reference ideas. I'll need to make some evil clothing or some kind of feature to make this guy look bad, but I like the direction.


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