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Software to help professionals connect with their customers


- Problem: Professionals make their living advising. Their time is their asset. Sometimes it is difficult for them to quantify their advise. Now the only way they have is to have personal meetings. The professional needs an expensive office, a nice location, secretary... But even then, the customer usually just appears and wants a meeting that is not scheduled, makes frequent phone calls... This is a lot of time that is not controlled and is not paid. The customer in those occasions gets no good service either.

 - Solution: We offer online meetings that can be planned with a calendar and controlled by time. Professionals and customers will know in any moment the time of each past and future meeting, the cost for the customer and the benefit for the professional.

 Our system will make much easier for anyone to become professional and sell what they know and it will be easier for the customers to access to the information they need.

- Assets: I am thinking about a SAS. (Software as a Service)

- Human resources: To begin, just me. I can design and program

- Customers: Professionals. I will begin with lawyers. But it can be useful for any professional like doctors, teachers... I will design software that will help them to sell their services online.

- What part is hard: It could be hard to check if the software really satisfies a need of the professional and if it does in a way and at a cost that is repeatable and profitable.

- What is unique: I am designing a software that now is unique, no other solves the same problem. But if it works, probably others will copy it. The only thing that could be unique in the long term will be the brand, the experience the user will have.

- How to repeat it: I will begin with a few lawyers. They will use the product for free and give me feedback to meet their needs. When they are happy with the product I will focus to show the product first to other lawyers and then to other professionals. 

(I am from a small country in Europe. English is not my first language. I am learning the language. Sorry if I make mistakes)


I think I can bootstrap. I can program and design the project. These are the steps:

- I already have done a very simple web site that explains the service. It does not work yet. It just explains how it will work.

- I will try to find professionals that want to give me feed back. I want to know better their needs. I hope that they will want to give me their e-mail to be able to send information about the progress of the project.

In fact this step is the most difficult for me. I do not know how to find that people and if they will want to help me. I do not have a "tribe". Perhaps I should build the community first and later try to show my service. I have the fear that I will need a lot of time to do that.

- Some of the professionals that gave me feed-back could be my first customers when the service is finished. This is my hope. 


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