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Software Development Done Right Blog

1 What is Marketing for?

The project I'd like to share with you is a blog, which purpose is to help the programmers and their managers go from functional to optimal and enable them to collaboratively create a high performing team.

2. What are we allowed to touch?

I have the freedom to make any changes I want. There's no pricing, no approvals, no unnecessary complexity. It's just me and the blog.

3. What can we measure?

I can measure:

  1. Page views
  2. Time spent on the pages
  3. The number of times someone tells me when they find a post helpful

4. What can we change?

I want to change how people in the IT industry see their work and their team, which will allow them to create a productive and empowering culture.

5. What should we promise? (to our people and to our customers)

I promise my blog readers that my posts will make them think, which will ultimately help them make better decisions.

6. What is the hard part?

Producing fresh and thought-provoking content frequently.

7. Should we make trends or follow them?

I want to make a trend, changing the way people see their work and the people they work with.

8. Where is the risk?

The risk is that people might not find the content interesting enough, the message could get misinterpreted, or I just might be wrong.

9. Who is in charge here?

I have full control over everything on the blog. I am the only one who is responsible.

10. What is the money for?

I didn't have much success with ads in the past so I am not going to spend any money directly (I am willing to invest money in the education, though).

11. What’s the most important way to spend my time?

Learning, thinking and writing content.


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