Soft and Sweet - daytime & nighttime makeup

Soft and Sweet - daytime & nighttime makeup - student project

As an emerging makeup artist whose specialty has been esthetics for the last 6 years, I had a hard time understanding some techniques used by other makeup artists to achieve certain looks when I began seriously practicing makeup just over a year ago. 

Working alongside other professionals during events, fashion shows, workshops, and independently on weddings and photoshoots has helped me to become a better person and artist. Classes like this should be offered more often, they simply help keep the things we learn as artists fresh in our minds... and remind me to step outside of my comfort zones occasionally. :)

Soft and Sweet - daytime & nighttime makeup - image 1 - student project


For this look, I used primer on the lid to even texture and tone. A light silicone primer on forehead and chin, as well as a green primer on cheeks. Applied a touch of concealer to under eye and lip line to camouflage discoloration as well. Blending those details in, I finished the face with a light application of powder mineral foundation.

Layering the eyes with a bone/beige base shadow followed by a brown and burgundy in the outer corner, blended in. Added a slightly darker shadow at crease to add definition. A touch of shimmering peach shadow made the eyes pop.

Finishing  the look with light pink pearl gloss, I was very happy with how fresh and natural she looked!


Smokey eyes have been a challenge for me in the past, so I was glad to try this one again. After applying the daytime look, I adjusted the shadows for a smokey eye. The suggested smudge brush was fantastic for under eye and on lash line, to blend the gel liner into the rest of the smoke.

I didnt want to remove her flawless face, so I simply neutralized her cheek color with a sweep of lighter powder foundation and a touch of microfine HD powder. After an application of cherry lip stain, I touched up her lips with a bright red lipgloss... and voila! 

The most difficult part of these looks was keeping "fallout" from messing up her face powder, and applying eyeliner on her lids was difficult as well due to a crepe-y eyelid. 

model - Aimee Allenbeck

makeup - Renée Marie 

I hope you enjoyed my work, thank you very much for the class and information! It has been a pleasure. :)