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Soft Spot Bar on Facebook

Located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, the Soft Spot Bar has been a local's favorite since 2005. Functioning as the bar's social media manager, I hope to increase our page likes, virality and overall user engagement. Currently, we run and promote several drink specials and occasional special events both through our Facebook and web page.

I think it will be useful to add some apps to the page. Also, I am learning that it really does pay to promote certain posts, especially when we have special events at the bar. 

Here are a couple of pages I admire...They both have a huge number of likes. They post consistantly, and I like all the product images (the liquor bottles) on the idle hands page. They also use a "Notes" app as a sort of "sticky" to let people know that their website has moved. Saint Vitus has the advantage of posting their show schedule every day. My bar is not so event heavy. They also use a "streaming live" app to broadcast live music and a "merch store" app. Neither one of those specific apps would be useful to my page but Im sure there are someout there that are.

Here is a bar that uses facebook as a person. I'm wondering what the benifits are of using it as a business with a page.


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