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Ashley Collett

Graphic Designer



Soft & Loud - A home goods company

Company Profile

Soft & Loud is a home goods company specializing in easy-going linen screen-printed textiles. Made of luxurious 100% linen, each piece is stylized with modern, eclectic and feminine patterns. The company is characterized by the contrast of contemporary geometric prints and colors mixed with charming and delicate touches.  Emphasizing the overall aesthetic that having bold yet functional design in every aspect of your life can create a more amorous and congruent living.

Label Design

For S&L I would like to come up with a screen-printed label to go on the back of each item, along with a hand-drawn label and packaging to wrap around each product. Logo design and overall branding will accompany the label designs so that all work together coherently. My color scheme is leading towards having black and white with high contrast as the core complemented by touches of blues, greens and flourescent yellow to make everything have a bit of interest.


While sketching I tried a few different layouts and styles that I am veering towards. Most are centered around the Soft & Loud logo. Number 8 was the only "label" I ventured into but my next round of sketches will consist of more of the labels along with narrowing down and finessing the logos I am leaning toward. Feedback is appreciated and welcome!


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