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Sofia Gottret - Project : Loud

Final Project


So this is what I have so far.. I would really appreciate any suggestions!!!

I ws thinking about adding more texture on te background using different tones of the same beige, maybe adding an orange, and browns.

I also really like how the light purple looks with the other colors butI'm not sure where to use it. 

Before sketching I wrote words to inspire myself, and I also looked at the definition of loud, and one word that sticked to me was VOCIFEROUS. This made me think of a large animal, or dinosour with a large mouth/nose and that's how I came up with the fist two sketches. I googled the loudest animalsand I foud this reptile with a huge mouth that  could also use instead of a dinosour. 

The 3rd one was my interpretation of scream. I was thinking instead of lines coming out of the mouths make words like: Ahhhh..., BlaBlaBla and other types of screams. 

And the fourth is a car honking.

 I was thinking of usning dark grays and very bright colors (reds, oranges, greens, and yellows). 


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