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Sofa "Before + After" Photos

Sofa "Before + After" Photos {Console Not Finished Yet} :: Lesson 3 

Here is the before shot of our naked sofa. Our walls have been bare for far too long as well. Your feedback is invaluable through the process and I welcome honest, creative suggestions.



When I began putting it altogether, I realized it was much easier for me to work with the cool tones, as opposed to the warm tones of the side table styling. They look like they fight each other so I'm thinking I'll redo the side table mix and replace with cooler tones later.

Big Picture Shots ...

You can see here that the left side of the sofa needs something but I worked with what I had, except for a stop over at Land of Nod where I found the magenta round pillow. Kid shops are for big people too! I'm thinking the faux bamboo set above the side table needs to move somewhere else around the house and that I might need to add more art to the gallery wall.

We have a small front living room and the space in front of the sofa is not as big as it appears. Does anyone have suggestions for that space on the rug? Should I find a small plexiglass table or maybe a small ottoman to layer with trays? We have kids so sharp, angled corners are out. Maybe it doesn't need to be there at all, just not sure.

Angle Shots ...

The fuzzy pillow I grabbed from somewhere else in house for texture. The turquoise throw is actually our bedspread but I wanted to experiment with Justina's suggestions and like the pop of color.

Style Shots ...

It was important to me to include artwork {square abstract and plaster fish} on the wall gallery from both of our kids. The portrait is a painting I did of our daughter from an online art class two years ago, hosted by the ever-amazing Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough called Get Your Paint On. Just as vibrant and uplifting a course as this one! The other art and prints are from Michelle Armas, Cozamia, Gold Teeth Brooklyn and Juan Estrella.

I hope to get the Console Styling posted this week......

Side Table "Before + After" Photos :: Lesson 2

We don't have a coffee table, so I opted for the next close thing. I picked up this little table at a thrift shop last summer. I'm tempted to paint it someday. I love the wonderful design in the wood. It's a solid mahogany Henredon Heritage piece. Justina's videos are so inspiring and I'm thrilled to be learning how to apply her lessons right at home.



I had anticipated that part of each project might include a trip to purchase something but so far I'm using things I have from stacked boxes, the kitchen windowsill or inside the console.

Big Picture Shots ...

...and one more. I'm also starting to work on our sofa.

Overhead Shot ... It looks a little heavy on one side from overhead but I wasn't sure how to style the tray because it was too pretty to cover.

Style Shots ...

8 Principles of Style Inspirational Image + Before Photos of 5 Key Areas of My Home :: Lesson 1

I joined this class to find my style, push boundaries and be inspired. I love color and pattern, vintage era pieces and eclectic mix yet I seem to hit a wall when I face the challenge. I find myself pinning more wishful-styled rooms, than making the time to execute.

8 Principles of Style

Eclectic is my favorite type of style. I'm always drawn to a room full of conversation and am admirable of those who take a chance and mix it up. In this photo, the 8 principles of style to me are:

Needs: Sofa and chairs to relax. Varied tables to place food and drink. A great conversation room.

Shape: The varied squared angles are softened by the rounder accesory accents on the side table, the plants, the silver curved accent chair and the floral wallpaper.

Color: Gold, white, black and blue around the room allow the multi-colored mix of art stand out.

Pattern: Bold floral wall paper, big trellis pattern area rug and smaller link pattern accent pillow.

Texture: The flowers for organic. The art of varied mediums. A mix of rug and throw pillow textiles. The wood and metal.

Placement: An organized eclectic wall gallery collection. Multiple sized tables for balance.

Bling: Gold skull, shiny two-toned footlocker, gold floor lamp and the accent silver chair.

Botanicals: Bouquet of big, white lillies and an effortless bunch of fragrant Bells of Ireland. I can almost smell them through the photo.

5 Key Areas

The photos of 5 key areas of my home are exactly that. No styled before shots, this is the raw deal. With little time and a full schedule, I haven't made the time to style. You'll notice most areas are bare or organized piles. Yikes! I'm excited to explore the expressive possibilities in this class. Thank you Justina for getting this party started!

#1 Side Table {We don't have a coffee table so I'm going this route}. Sad looking, isn't it? I hope to go from blah to yah!

# 2 Sofa :: This beauty was a splurge at Room & Board. The upholstered fabric, though it looks velvety is actually some sort of poly business, which is friendlier with our kiddos. I love the simple, clean lines and the tufted seat cushions, however this could seriously use some colorful love. There's my organized stacks again. Jeez.

# 3 Console :: Look - more organized piles. Yes, that's a nerf dart on my vintage typewriter. No words for this shot. Simply put, the console needs some attention.

# 4 Bookcase :: This looks like I tried and gave up. Though I love orange, it wasn't even part of the color scheme I had envisioned for this room. I'm not even sure why sets of kids books are here, they should be in the kids room so they can thumb through at will. 

# 5 Bed :: Yes, I have this fantasy that our bedroom would be that of some insane, ridiculous amazing hotel room with great side table lamps, gorgeous bedding, fluffy pillows, a kick of cool art.....but....well....


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