Socks and Photographs

Socks and Photographs - student project


I have chosen to go with the missing sock storyline for this project. The second, about the vintage dealer, seems to be a little more meaty and intriguing, but I think that there is too much to explore for a short film. With the missing sock idea, I can also potentially try to produce it via papercut stop motion, something that I've been wanting to explore in my art career.



Been struggling a tad to come up with stories, or, at least, with how they will pan out. I just have two ideas to choose from...

1. A sock goes missing from a dryer after he discovers a new world through the lint trap. He then has to decide if he wants to stay in this fibrous Shangri-La or return to his partner and their life in the human undergarment world.
2. A vintage dealer with a penchant for sifting through old, discarded photographs comes across one of a woman he finds compelling. Over the next few weeks, this exact same picture eerily appears in every bin and thrift shop he visits around town. When he takes a road trip and spots it again, 300 miles away, he decides he must find out who she is... or was. She continues to show up in photo piles during his scavenging, but now the scenery behind her constantly changes, as if the woman is suddenly trying to leave him clues to assist his investigation.
Tina Jett

Artist & Vintage Dealer