Society6 Store Nicola Kimpton

Society6 Store Nicola Kimpton - student project

Thanks for a great course! Lots of helpful information, well presented and I appreciate the useful summary point screens for reference. :) For my project I have updated my Society6 Store's bio, profile photo, links and information etc and also liked and commented on other artists works I liked, which was fun. Here is my Society6 store link:


I am taking into consideration adding different colourways for some of my digital artworks. Also, I enjoy creating varied artworks in different mediums (and also creating soft sculptures and photography) so I'm not always sure how to balance that with consistency? Thanks Nic! X


Society6 Store Nicola Kimpton - image 1 - student project


Society6 Store Nicola Kimpton - image 2 - student project

Nicola Kimpton
Artist, Illustrator & Creative