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Social media I'm already using

I have started using social media already, so before I proceed it would be great to get feedback on where I am now.  If anyone in the class or the instructor would be interested in looking at my social media progress it would be a great jumping off point.  And, I'm having a facebook problem.  On my business facebook page it prompts me to "invtie friends" which, of course, I want to do to gain a fan base or "likes".  But I click on the "invite" button and when I leave the page to go to my personal page and come back all the contacts are there again.  It is not processing this function.  I have logged out and back in to do it, restarted my computer.  I have gone on the "help" menu.  Nothing!  If anyone can help with this I would be thrilled because I only have 43 likes and would like to raise this.

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